History of ProNetwork

After Sebastian Fraenk has gained experiences from academic studies of  computational linguistics at the University of Cologne with the graduation Master of Arts from 1995 until 2000 and an employment in a fast-moving dotcom-company in the years 2000 and 2001 he has started with an individual enterprise in the year 2001.


With his extensive knowledge of different programming languages as well as his knowledge about databases and system software he was able to prosper in the market after a short time.  First of all he started with programming of websites to later integrate shop- and content management systems and expand the existing sites. Many projects were accomplished as service provider for advertising agencies who had lack of competences in databases and dynamic programming. The knowledge of Linux and the combination of Linux and Windows are cultivated in our own house and at customers. We strive to gain an optimum mix of proportion for all customers using ROI-calculations.


New products

Since 2002 we have worked consistently on the development of new products. The human resources software ProAMS was developed using recent software architectures in collaboration with a big software service provider and has been adapted to the market conditions until now. It includes the whole applicant management from printed advertisement, applicant support to correspondence.


In the year 2004 we have added and continuously expanded th sphere of competence of geographic software solutions to our portfolio. The software ProGBIM is a geographic information system (GIS) including several interfaces to databases and reporting tools. The system belongs to the range of business intelligence tools and enables the customer to visualize data on a map.


The idea is to place a software on the market with whose description language the customer can switch between different versions of maps. The software ProGBIM was developed in cooperation with one of the biggest international conglomerates and is used there in the division of transport and logistics. We currently develop new operational areas.


After the activities have become more comprehensive Sebastian Fraenk has decided to found the private limited company ProNetwork Deutschland GmbH which continues the former one-man business since May 2009.